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Mate (Arg)

December 2006

Mate (pronounced Ma-tay) is amazingly popular. It's a hot, bitter drink that tastes a lot like grass. There is an alternative sweeter version, which tastes like grass, but with sugar. It's an interesting drink, with a fair bit of ritual to it, and I'm going to try harder to like it.



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Tango (Arg)

December 2006

Tango is everywhere. The first photo shows a performance for the tourists at the Sunday market in La Boca, and the second one is taken at a milonga which is a dance hall.



Here are some tango feet.


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Day trip from Buenos Aires

Uruguay is tiny by South American standards, and is squashed in between Argentina and Brasil.

Apparently it is roughly the size of North Dakota, if that helps.

The port of Colonia used to be a smuggling town a long time ago, when the Spanish and Portuguese were fighting to control the area. It now seems to be home to a collection of fantastic cars.

Apparently if a vehicle has a bottle standing on it, then it's for sale.




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